Feed in Cornrows tutorial:

Feed in cornrows are the in thing right now! The cornrow is fed in hair, so it goes from small to big. This style has feed in cornrows in the front with single braids at the back, which means the style can be worn up, down etc The gold clips add a bit of bling to the look.

5 quick natural hairstyles:

Are you getting bored of having the same hairstyle? Natural hair is so versatile. You can do so much! Here are 5 quick natural hairstyles. Each style takes under 10 minutes to do.

2 braids/ cornrows:

This style is so easy to do! Make sure your hair is detangled before you begin to make it easier to cornrow.

High faux bun:

This high bun was created by using expressions extensions, this type of extensions is more silky. It gives a sleek and refined look. For a more natural, sassy look use afro hair extensions.

Halo braid Festival hairstyle:

My client chose this look for a festival wedding. It was a quick and elegant style.

High bun feed in cornrows:

I love a high bun in all styles. This high bun was done using the feed in cornrow method where you continually add hair. It is very similar to Ghana cornrows. The difference with feed in cornrows is that the hair is added under whilst with Ghana cornrows the hair is added over, and the pattern is seen in the braid.

High puff on natural hair:

I did this quick and easy style by using eco styler gel, a spray of water and an ouchless hair band (old tights cut)

Day to night style!

This style was a basic day hairstyle transformed into a going out/ evening look! Watch to see how this was done.